Stem Cell Hair Restoration in South Tampa

stem cell hair restoration tampa flStem cells are the raw materials your body uses to generate a wide range of new cells that serve a particular function in applicable parts of the body. They have been used in a variety of ways since 1998 when they were first derived from human cells for different functions such as stem cell therapy. Aside from stem cell therapy, stem cells have been used to increase our understanding of how diseases occur, generate healthy cells/replace diseased cells, and testing new drugs for safety and efficacy. Scientists have even grown functioning human organs from stem cells, and may even be able to transplant them safely in the future. Stem cells certainly are quite versatile, if nothing else.

While they potentially can be used to treat about 80 different conditions worldwide, there is one condition that may be mitigated by stem cell therapy that isn’t as well-known as others: stem cell hair treatment and restoration.

The functional medicine specialists at BioDesign Wellness are proud to offer stem cell hair restoration for clients in South Tampa, FL.

What is stem cell therapy?

Stem cell therapy, often called regenerative medicine, is used to promote reparative responses to diseased, dysfunctional or injured tissue. It can do a lot for patients who may otherwise need an organ transplant, which are typically in high demand and low supply. Stem cells are grown in a lab and manipulated to grow into specific types of cells for transplant, such as: muscle tissue, blood cells, bone marrow, or nerve cells. For instance, if a patient suffers a heart attack, tissue damage and scarring may occur in the heart. This damaged tissue makes the heart weaker and much more susceptible to further heart attacks in the future. This makes finding a way to repair the tissue paramount. Enter stem cells. Specialized cells for heart tissue can be grown from stem cells in a lab and implanted into the patient’s heart which in turn can grow new tissue, heal the damage, and make the heart healthy again. If stem cells can handle such a delicate task as repairing damaged heart tissue, imagine what else they could do. The possibilities can even stretch as far as stem cell hair treatment and restoration.

How can stem cell therapy restore hair loss?

As we mentioned earlier, stem cells are quite a raw and multifunctional material used as the building blocks of specialized cells throughout the human body. The hair follicles on your head are no exception to this rule. Believe it or not, stem cell hair restoration is similar to a traditional hair transplant. However, instead of removing a number of hairs and transplanting them to different locations on the body which are suffering hair loss, a stem cell hair transplant removes onlly a small skin sample. It is from this skin sample that hair follicles are harvested and replicated in a lab. Once the stem cell physician has enough replicated follicles to treat the hair loss, the transplant process can begin. This method allows hair to grow where follicles are harvested from, as well as where they are transplanted.

Why should I choose BioDesign for stem cell hair restoration?

If you are experiencing hair loss and don’t know where to turn, BioDesign is here for you. We offer a free consultation and professional care from start to finish. We will provide you with a face-to-face visit with our expert stem cell hair restoration physicians, so that you have a chance to have all of your questions answered. This process is designed to ascertain what your needs are, and what the optimal treatment plan for you will be. We take a very detailed approach to make sure we get you the best results as quickly as possible. As with most conditions, it is important to diagnose and treat hair loss as soon as possible. So don’t wait, stem cell hair restoration is the answer to your hair loss!

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