Anxiety & Depression


Getting to the Root of Anxiety

According to Zion Market Research, the global anxiety disorder market is expected to surge at a steady rate in the coming years, due, at least in part, to the COVID-19 pandemic. This forecast is no surprise, and it’s due to more than the pandemic. Social unrest, which is both a symptom and a cause of anxiety, is also a big driver, as are the 24/7 cycle of bad news and negativity and the constant stimulation delivered by electronic devices and social media.

In this world of increased connectivity, we here at BioDesign Wellness Center see people struggling more and more with isolation, relationship and family conflict, financial strain, and uncertainty. Others we see are suffering from generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) — ongoing anxiety about a variety of issues — which may have started with an early childhood trauma. And marriage, raising children, and dealing with uncomfortable situations at work haven’t become any less stressful over the years.

Conventional treatment for anxiety typically involves psychotherapy and anti-anxiety medications. Psychotherapy can do wonders. Addressing stressful relationships and situations, training the brain to follow healthier thought patterns, and developing more effective communication and problem-solving skills can all help to reduce stress and anxiety naturally. Medication can be helpful as a temporary solution or to provide quick symptomatic relief when the anxiety is intense or overwhelming, but medication alone is generally thought to be only a partial solution and is potentially dangerous.

Identifying and Treating Root Causes

Here at BioDesign Wellness Center, a Tampa functional medicine practice, we work closely with patients who struggle with chronic illness — including anxiety — to identify and address all possible root causes, including stressful relationships and situations but also diet, lifestyle, and environmental factors that may be outside any individual’s control. Here are some of our areas of focus that may be overlooked by conventional medical and/or mental health practices: continue reading

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