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Meet the Patient: Case Study on Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome

Meet the Patient is a new series we are launching on the BioDesign Wellness Center blog to present case studies of actual patients we have treated over the years or are currently treating. Our hope is these stories resonate with anyone who is or knows of someone struggling with a similar health condition and has not received an accurate diagnosis or effective medical treatment — especially those who may be close to giving up hope of ever feeling healthy, energetic, and happy again.

Our objective with these case studies is to restore a belief that happiness — a major step toward optimizing health and fitness — is attainable, even by those who are chronically ill.

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Please note that in some cases (not all) names and certain other details may be changed or omitted to ensure patient-doctor confidentiality, but specifics about conditions, diagnoses, and treatments are accurate. Our case studies are based on information provided by actual functional medicine patients and their BioDesign doctors, and patients have agreed to share their stories.

Introducing Christine M.

Our first case study focuses on Christine, who asked that we not use her last name but said it was okay to reveal that she moved from Northern Virginia to the Tampa Bay Area just a few years ago. Christine is in her mid-60s, and while living in Va., she consulted with her primary care physician and with cardiologists and a pulmonologist — along with two ‘wellness doctors’ — to find out why she was feeling so exhausted and physically weak all the time:  continue reading

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