BioDesign’s Top Doc Discusses Healthcare on Tampa Television Show

Our very own Dr. Matt Lewis is taking part in a 30-minute segment about the state of the healthcare industry, airing this coming Sunday morning, March 24, at 9:00 a.m. Eastern Time on WTOG St. Petersburg/Tampa (CW44 Tampa Bay and channel 504 for HD cable customers). The first segment— entitled “Healthcare Disasters” — is hosted by Kristen Burton and features our own Dr. Lewis and Dr. Jordan Axe, another Tampa area medical practitioner.

As you’ll see when you tune in on Sunday, the two doctors discuss the failures of traditional medicine and how a functional and integrative approach to healthcare can provide long-lasting health benefits to those have been procrastinating when it comes to their own personal health issues.

Dr. Lewis was asked during the segment why so many people suffer chronic illnesses, and he said many of his patients are elderly, with others suffering at least one chronic condition. (He described a chronic health issue as any ailment that continues for three months or longer and won’t go away.) And, he said, traditional medicine cannot successfully address those issues because a solution cannot be arrived at during a seven-minute doctor’s visit.

By the way, Dr. Lewis wasn’t joking when he cited the seven-minute doctor’s visit. Read The Problem with the 7-Minute Doctor Visit here on the BioDesign Wellness Blog to see what he’s referring to.

Another thing you’ll learn from watching the segment… Dr. Lewis asks his patients to think of themselves as a bucket. Inside this bucket are all the things making them sick.What’s in the bucket?He says there are chemicals in that bucket, adding prescription medicines to that toxic list of chemicals. He tells them there’s alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, environmental toxins, and pesticides from foods in that bucket.

And he tells them — it’s time to empty out the bucket a bit!

What Dr. Lewis sees in our office are often elderly patients who have problems that are not being resolved in a seven-minute visit with their traditional doctor. Maybe they don’t feel well or have early cognitive decline. Then their traditional doctor tells them, “Oh, you’re just getting older.” Same goes for complaints of joint paint or fatigue.

What they need, he said in the show that airs this coming Sunday, is at least an hour’s visit with a doctor like the ones here at BioDesign to start with. And then they need to participate in a program that improves the quality of their lives.

Be sure to turn on your TV at 9 a.m. this Sunday to hear Dr. Lewis discuss ways of avoiding “Healthcare Disasters.” It’ll be well worth your time!

Detox Deals, Mold Solutions, and Holiday Health Hints

As the title of today’s post suggests, we’ve got a lot to cover in this, one of our final posts of the year, so let’s get right to it. We promised this in last week’s post — BioDesign Wellness is offering an innovative program for the New Year that features a 30-day medically-supervised detox for only $799 (which is much less than our normal $1,900 price for a 60-day program, and includes all the supplements you need, plus three one-on-one coaching sessions).

In order to participate, you need to purchase the detox kit from our office by the cutoff date of Friday, Jan. 18. The kit can be purchased over the phone and mailed to your home or office, or you can stop by and pick it up at our Tampa functional medicine clinic. For questions or further details, please call our patient care coordinator, Lori, at (813) 445-7770.

(Image ©Davidson Lunu — via

If you’re not familiar with our detoxification program, please read “Tampa’s Poor Water Quality Calls for Detoxing Twice Annually. That post reveals the results of a government tap water study that cites 20 regions of Florida that contain drinking water with high levels of chromium-6 — which has the ability to cause liver damage, damage nerve tissues, cause skin irritations, and harm the kidney. Among those regions are Tampa and Sarasota, where water quality testing at 10 of 12 water utilities reveal unsafe levels of drinking water due to chromium-6.

Here at BioDesign Wellness Center, we recommend cleaning your organic filters — your liver and kidneys — twice a year for maintenance, which means participating in a medically supervised detox program such as the one we are currently offering at a large discount.

While you could go the over-the-counter detox method, it has been our experience that such treatments leave out essential ingredients and add some ingredients that just aren’t necessary. In addition, detoxing isn’t as simple as it might seem, and a drug store visit can lead to poor outcomes and even some nasty reactions from “aggressive” and unsupervised methods of detoxification.

Again — contact Patient Care Coordinator Lori, at (813) 445-7770 for additional details.

New for 2019 — Medical Solutions for issues with Mold

Also new for the New Year, we are pleased to offer an expansion of our medical offerings to help people who have been exposed to water-damaged buildings and mold. As you may know, our functional medicine team has been fine-tuning its solutions to a number of health concerns that directly relate to digestion, hormone imbalance, and brain health.

Part of this expansion process has resulted in recent findings that mold — especially in the Tampa area where our practice is located— is causing many of our patients to become ill for what to the untrained eye appears to be no particular reason. Our findings show that mold can create hormone imbalances in both men and women.

Many people are justifiably concerned about outdoor air pollution, especially in urban areas and near manufacturing or power plants. However, indoor air quality often poses a bigger and more widespread risk, especially in water-damaged buildings. In fact, studies show that the air within water damaged structures often contain a mixture of fungi, mycotoxins, bacteria, endotoxins, antigens, lipopolysaccharides, and biologically produced volatile compounds. When combined, these ingredients can play havoc on our immune systems, resulting in a condition now known as Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS). As a result of complaints from — and follow-up testing on — our patients, we have designed an 11-step protocol to help those suspected of suffering from CIRS.

In fact, if you haven’t done so yet, please read our blog post entitled “BioDesign Discovery Can Tell if Your Home is Making You Sick,” which provides deep background information on the impetus for our 11-step Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome treatment protocol.

New Year’s Eve Healthy Eating and Drinking Tips

Finally, any opportunity we have to expand on eating and drinking suggestions for those venturing out to celebrate the arrival of the year-end holidays, we’re going to take it — and today is no exception! In addition to what we shared earlier this month in How to Have Your Cake and Eat It Too This Holiday Season, below are some additional tips to consider as we head into the first of two pre-holiday weekends:

  • Drink slowly and avoid alcoholic beverages with high amounts of sugar.
  • If wine is your holiday vice, consider consuming keto-based organic wines.
  • Whatever you do, don’t skip breakfast. It’s a misconception that you’ll be able to consume more at brunch or dinner by doing so. The truth is, this approach will inevitably backfire, and you wind up eating way too much and suffering overnight and the following morning.
  • Enjoy your time around food and drink and don’t feel guilty — the cortisol response associated feelings of guilt will only add more weight.
  • If you’re already in the habit of avoiding gluten, continue to avoid it over the next two weeks. Trust us when we tell you that your investment in becoming gluten-free has been worth it, and that you don’t want to have to start the new year off by weaning yourself off of gluten, again!


Disclaimer: The information in this blog post on the value of medically supervised detoxification programs, Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome, and tips for eating and drinking during the holidays is provided for general informational purposes only and may not reflect current medical thinking or practices. No information contained in this post should be construed as medical advice from the medical staff at BioDesign Wellness Center, Inc., nor is this post intended to be a substitute for medical counsel on any subject matter. No reader of this post should act or refrain from acting on the basis of any information included in, or accessible through, this post without seeking the appropriate medical advice on the particular facts and circumstances at issue from a licensed medical professional in the recipient’s state, country or other appropriate licensing jurisdiction.

Enjoy Thanksgiving but Not to the Point Where You Feel Guilty

Ask anyone — even the staff here at BioDesign Wellness — if it’s okay to overindulge a bit during the holidays. Of course, it is, but notice the emphasis on a bit (it’s italicized because we feel moderation is the key to long-term happiness, especially this holiday season).

If you’re new to our functional medicine practice in Tampa, or even if you’ve been visiting our office for the last year or so, you know how much emphasis we place on maintaining healthy habits one day at a time. Now, when we say one day at a time, you know that what we really mean is the rest of your life. But if you just say, “I’m going to make good food and exercise decisions today,” it seems a little less daunting. And then, of course, we encourage you to say the same thing tomorrow!

(Image ©2018 Charles Deluvio from Unsplash)

In addition to listing our office hours for this year’s Thanksgiving holiday (please see below), we also offer suggestions from an earlier post — this one from over the summer — that point out specific actions you can perform that will keep you on track in your efforts to maintain a healthy gut throughout the holiday season.

Specifically, we recommend reading How to Avoid and Recover from Fourth of July Overindulgence for sound advice on moderation when it comes to the consumption of less-than-healthy food and drink items (just replace “Fourth of July” with “Thanksgiving”). That write-up also outlines how you can easily recover any ground lost in your continuing efforts to be healthy, and how to get back into a nourishing eating plan immediately after the food’s put away and the dishes are done tomorrow evening.

Meanwhile, here are our holiday hours for Thanksgiving 2018:

  • Wednesday, Nov. 21: We close up shop at 2 p.m., in order for our staff do start cooking their (mostly healthy) holiday feasts
  • Thursday, Nov. 22: Closed for Thanksgiving
  • Friday, Nov. 23: Closed
  • Saturday, Nov. 24: Closed
  • Sunday, Nov. 25: Closed
  • Monday, Nov. 26: We will reopen from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

One final, but most important bit of information: If you have a medical emergency between 2 p.m. today and 9 a.m. next Monday, please call 911 — not BioDesign Wellness Center.

Have a fun, fulfilling and relatively fat-free Thanksgiving holiday!

BioDesign Wellness Center Has Joined the Blogosphere

With this initial post, we here at BioDesign Wellness Center welcome you to our new blog, which we expect will evolve into a valuable source for information about functional medicine and integrative healthcare in the Greater Tampa Bay Area. If you’re already familiar with BioDesign, we think you’ll appreciate the fact that we now have a blog of our own — a place where we can demonstrate our commitment to educate patients and others pursuing answers and solutions to chronic health issues or who simply want to lead healthier lives.

Passion for blogging

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

And by educate, we mean this: There is so much confusion and conflicting information out there about medicine and healthcare that people are understandably miffed. If you’re anything like the patients who arrive at our practice by way of a conventional medical organization, you don’t know what to believe or who to turn to with your questions and concerns.

At BioDesign, we help you understand and resolve the underlying cause of your health condition instead of just treating symptoms. We work to help you take control of your health and not just rely on medication and temporary fixes for your symptoms.

Tampa Needs More Functional Medicine Providers

Statistics for the Greater Tampa Bay Area show that as many as 70 percent of our residents live day to day with a chronic health condition. One in four of us suffer more than one chronic condition. What we are seeing from our perspective as health providers is this:

Many of our patients say they are actively seeking an alternative to the conventional medicine practiced in most doctor’s offices today. Why is that? Because they have tried conventional treatment methods and have found them lacking.

This disillusionment provides us with the opportunity to demonstrate how functional medicine and integrative healthcare are different from traditional healthcare — and by “different” we mean better and, in some cases, complimentary.

Read our Blog

Over the weeks and months to come, we plan to publish blog posts of an educational nature on a variety of health topics, including the following:

    • Understanding your blood test results
    • Detoxing yourself — and your home — from mold
    • Information related to stem cell treatments
    • Posts about Leaky Gut Syndrome, Small Intestinal Fungal Overgrowth, Hormone Replacement Therapy, and more
    • Information on new services we’ll be offering
    • Team member profiles
    • Rundowns on health news that matters to Tampaians

We’ll be publishing posts once or twice a week, and we welcome comments, questions and personal experiences shared through each post’s Commenting feature. In addition, we want to hear from you about what you’d like to see on our blog.

We believe our posts will spark your interest and make you want to make us a regular read when it comes to health issues, which is why we’re using Feedburner to deliver post summaries right to your email Inbox. To subscribe, enter your email address in the secure box at the top of the right-hand column you see on this page.

Again, thanks for stopping by. If you’d like to recommend a topic or two for us to blog about, please click on the “Comments” link below.