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Meet the Staff: Phyllis McKinnon, BioDesign’s Office Administrator

One of the first smiling faces patients see when they enter our Tampa Functional Medicine practice is that of Phyllis McKinnon, BioDesign’s intake coordinator and office administrator. Phyllis is charged with ensuring that each of our patients and guests is welcomed and taken care of. In addition, this former holistic spa owner educates new patients through our protocol for treatment and wellness.

Phyllis McKinnon

Before joining our team earlier this year, Phyllis was a fulltime hospice volunteer, working with the dying and their families. Bringing comfort to these patients made her more determined than ever to become a part of a team that focuses on preventative health. She says she found that focus in the staff here at BioDesign Wellness.

Beginning her career as an esthetician, where she specialized in oncology esthetics, Phyllis became an esthetic instructor for one of the largest esthetic corporations in New England, where she spearheaded and opened that company’s satellite school in Connecticut. She then opened her own spa on Newbury Street in Boston, developing and training a staff with holistic modalities in order to specifically address stress, skin care, sore muscles, and overall wellness.

We asked Phyllis to take a few minutes to answer some questions about her career, her thoughts about BioDesign Wellness’ approach to healthcare, and her personal life. And we tossed in a few whimsical queries just to see where her head is at. Enjoy! continue reading

Meet the Staff: BioDesign’s Customer Experience Manager Lori

Welcome to another installment in our Meet the Staff series. This time around, we’d like to introduce Lori, the customer experience manager here at BioDesign Wellness Center. Lori is the point of contact for all of our patients and usually the first person most people see upon entering our Tampa functional medicine practice.

Lori handles a lot of essential functions for us, including coordinating patient appointments, confirming those appointments and then making sure nobody falls through the cracks when it comes to those appointments. She also greets new patients and takes them on a tour of our facilities. On top of that, Lori is responsible for keeping track of patients incoming lab results so our doctors have what they need when you arrive for your appointments.

We asked Lori if she would sit for a quick Q&A about her work history, as well as a few personal asides that she might be willing to toss our way. Here’s what she had to say:

BioDesign Wellness Center: What did you do for work before coming to work to BioDesign?

Lori: I’ve been in weight loss wellness and aesthetics for the past 15 years, as well as working as a complete beauty consultant. I attended the International School of Skin in Atlanta, Ga., from 2001 to 2002, which is where I developed a passion for the aesthetic industry. My first position was working as a laser technician and I was amazed at how much a simple procedure could change a person’s personality. I witnessed sad, embarrassed and shy people turn into happy, outgoing confident individuals. Later I stumbled into the weight-loss industry and a job that truly changed my life. After struggling with my own continue reading

Meet the Staff: BioDesign’s Director of Nutrition, Cameron Ackerson

Cameron Ackerson, CSCS, is Director of Nutrition here at BioDesign Wellness Center, where he runs our nutrition/weight loss division. Cameron joined us in October of 2017 as a Nutrition Coach specializing in weight loss. Our doctors were so impressed with his knowledge, professionalism, and his kind candor with our patients that he was promoted to his current position in July of 2018 — less than a year after his arrival at our Tampa functional medicine practice.

Cameron educates our patients on how to find a meal plan that is not only sustainable for them but also enjoyable to prepare and consume. His job involves taking complex dieting concepts and breaking them down into smaller, more practical courses of action. He meets with many of our patients on a weekly basis and holds them accountable to a mutually agreed-upon diet so they can attain the best results possible when it comes to adhering to our doctors orders.

We asked Cameron to tell us a little about his education and work history, along with other personal details concerning his life — and a few silly questions to round out the picture. Here’s what he had to say: continue reading

Chrissie Skelton BioDesign

Meet the Staff: BioDesign’s Care Coordinator, Chrissie Skelton

We’re extremely proud of — and grateful for — our talented staff here at BioDesign Wellness Center, and we’d like nothing better than to profile each through a blog post of their own. As a result, we are starting a “Meet the Staff” series of blog posts that will appear here from time to time, introducing our medical team and support personnel.

Chrissie Skelton BioDesignHere, you’ll be able to get our crew better through our thoughtful quizzing about each staffer’s chosen career, their work histories, their likes and dislikes, and more. And we’ll ask a few silly questions along the way just so you can get a better idea about what makes them tick.

To start things off, we’re introducing our care coordinator, Chrissie Skelton, who began working at BioDesign Wellness Center back in the summer of 2014. Chrissie can be found behind the scenes, where she makes sure our patients are properly attended to, which includes coordinating orders for lab work, placing orders for medications and supplements, and helping to administer injections and performing EKGs.

Here are some other things you may like to know about this dynamic member of our staff:

BioDesign Wellness Center: What did you do for work before coming to work for Tampa-based functional medicine practice?

Chrissie Skelton: I worked for an continue reading

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