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Detox in Your Sleep with Proper Sleep Hygiene

Have you ever wondered why you feel terrible the next day when you sleep poorly the night before? Or why the same people who develop sleep issues as they age tend to be more susceptible to progressive brain disorders, such as dementia? Evidence is beginning to suggest a possible connection between poor sleep and brain health. When you’re unable to sleep soundly on a regular basis, your brain may be unable to fully detoxify itself.

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New research shows how the depth of your sleep can impact your brain’s ability to efficiently flush waste and toxic proteins. Because sleep often becomes increasingly lighter and more disrupted as we age, the study — co-authored by the co-director of the Center for Translational Neuromedicine at the University of Rochester Medical Center, along with Danish and Finnish researchers — reinforces and potentially explains the links between aging, sleep deprivation, and heightened risk for irreversible and progressive brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease.

The study, Increased glymphatic influx is correlated with high EEG delta power and low heart rate in mice under anesthesia, appears in the February 1, 2019 edition of the journal Science Advances, and indicates that slow and steady brain and cardiopulmonary activity associated with deep non-REM sleep are optimal for the function of the glymphatic system, the brain’s unique pathway for removing waste.

If you’re a patient of ours, you’ve likely heard us preach about the brain-gut connection. For example, when your gut microbiota is imbalanced, we can see not only digestive disorders but also autoimmunity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and (this is important in regard to today’s post) unhealthy expression of hormones and brain chemicals leading to mood disorders, depression, and anxiety.

Sleep, as it turns out, may truly be your best friend.

To be successful with any plan of care — regardless of it being one we prescribe one offered by another functional medicine practice in Tampa, you must sleep well. In this post, we provide guidance on how to improve both the continue reading

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