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Hormone Replacement Therapy tampa fl

Part II: What You Can Expect with Hormone Replacement Therapy

Last week we introduced the first in our two-part series discussing hormone replacement therapy (see Part I: Hormone Replacement Therapy is Safe — When Done Right). Our objective in today’s post is to outline our approach to such a potentially life-changing treatment protocol to managing hormonal balance.

With this post, we offer a simple primer of the process involved in diagnosing and treating our female patients suffering a hormone deficiency. But most important, we want to let you know what you can expect from such treatments.

Since the outcome is obviously of upmost interest, maybe we should start with the end results you can expect as a part of hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Keep in mind that HRT is not a magic elixir, nor is it the Fountain of Youth. But we can pretty much bank on the fact that there will be positive visible, physical and emotional changes that cannot be denied.

According to our patients, the primary benefits of hormone replacement therapy include: continue reading

Hormone Replacement Therapy tampa fl

Part I: Hormone Replacement Therapy is Safe — When Done Right

Last week, we focused on the issues surrounding testosterone in men, addressing the pros and cons of testosterone replacement therapy (see: Setting the Record Straight on Testosterone Replacement Therapy). This week and next, we are exploring hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for women.

Often maligned in the media, hormone replacement therapy has been linked to the development of cancers, as well as patients experiencing strokes and blood clots. But before we discuss more than a half-century of controversy, we should first explain what, exactly, hormones are and what is their role within the human body.

Hormones are the Messenger

As a big part of the body’s chemical messenger system, hormones have direct control over our blood sugar levels, the amount of sleep we get, our sexual desires, and well as stress responses, blood pressure, hunger, moods and more.

Examples of such hormones include:

  • Cortisol for stress and immune system regulation
  • Melatonin for sleep
  • Insulin and glucagon for controlling blood sugar
  • Sex hormones (estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone), which influence fertility, libido, brain function, motivation, sleep, moods, and energy

While hormones indeed act as the body’s messengers, they also feature receptors that receive those messages. And these receptors can be healthy or unhealthy, depending on their behavior and the manner in which messages are received and processed.

So, when there is a problem with a patient’s hormones, it is most important to consider continue reading

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