Functional Medicine in Tampa, FL

Functional medicine is a highly individualized approach to medicine that utilizes a holistic approach for people seeking a greater quality of life.

Symptoms a patient experiences only be some of many contributing to the root problem.

Functional medicine is a systems biology-based treatment that centers on pinpointing and treating the root cause of a given disease. For instance, a patient who suffers from both diabetes and depression simultaneously may very well only have one root problem: inflammation. Conversely, a patient who is depressed, may have a number of different factors contributing to their depression, such as hypothyroidism, omega 3 deficiency, and/or vitamin D deficiency.

Functional medicine aims to identify the foundation of a patient’s suffering and eliminate it with proper care through finding the appropriate treatment, and rendering it effectively based on each patient’s unique needs and biological makeup.

BioDesign’s Approach to Functional Medicine

First, a Functional Medicine Matrix is developed for each new patient. This is done by piecing together a thorough history of a patient’s health, such as: personal life, family life, social life, and medical history. The Matrix will reveal what issues seem to stand out from the rest and present them to the clinician in the form of a comprehensive evaluation; so that a discussion of complex or chronic disease with the patient may then proceed with much greater insight.

A thorough examination is performed on each patient to help ensure nothing is overlooked. There are many things (medical history, genetics, environmental factors etc.), that must be inspected on a comprehensive level to get the best understanding of a patient’s symptoms and their causes. The Functional Medicine Timeline is a tool used by clinicians to identify certain areas of a patient’s health that may contribute or predispose them to a condition or symptoms a patient may be experiencing. The Functional Medicine Timeline allows practitioners to look for any chronologically related events and search for correlations that may help with diagnoses in the present.

Alongside the Functional Medicine Timeline is a simple, yet effective, framework that Functional Medicine doctors use for getting to the root of a patient’s dysfunction. GOTOIT, which stands for: Gather, Organize, Tell, Order, Initiate, and Track, helps Functional Medicine practitioners develop a better understanding and relationship with their patients while identifying unhealthy patterns. This allows the practitioner to propose appropriate and personalized treatments and lifestyle changes that may be needed. All of these facets must be present in the entirety of the process when determining what is Functional Medicine.

Why choose Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is beneficial to the patient because it breaks down the many parts of conventional and specialized medicine. It focuses on the whole body instead of just one symptom, allowing each functional medicine doctor to get to the root of the problem. Other treatment regimens, in fields that are strictly conventional medicine, are often rigid and not always able to pinpoint or even address the root cause of a patient’s symptoms. Functional medicine looks to do more than that, and go above and beyond. That is to say that Functional Medicine aims to heal a patients on a whole-body level.  

Why choose BioDesign as Your Functional Medicine Provider?

We cover a broad spectrum of conditions that can be treated with Functional Medicine, which includes: adrenal fatigue, autoimmune disorders, chronic pain, diabetes, digestive issues, medical weight loss, irritable bowel syndrome, memory issues, SIBO treatment, and thyroid. Dedication to our patients, finding the root cause of each symptom, and rendering effective and safe treatments are our top priorities. Our professional staff and licensed Functional Medicine doctors are highly skilled, and fully capable of formulating the proper treatments for your specific circumstances.

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