Help with Memory Loss in Tampa, FL

Memory loss can be a devastating health issue, and can be very difficult to deal with for you and your family. There are many causes of memory loss, and unfortunately many of the treatments offered by modern medicine simply mask the symptoms without attacking the memory loss at the root cause. At BioDesign Wellness Center, our health experts offer highly effective treatments for both short and long term memory loss.

What are the Symptoms of Memory Loss?

There are many symptoms of memory loss, and experiences vary from person to person. However, there are common symptoms present in many patients with memory loss. Some symptoms are forgetfulness, trouble following directions, asking the same questions many times, having trouble following a conversation, forgetting to eat, neglecting nutrition and making poor decisions.

Since the symptoms of memory loss are so broad, they can impact many areas of your life and cause many other health issues as well. Poor nutrition may lead to diminished bone health and weak muscles. Having difficulty following conversations may lead to increased depression and feelings of inadequacy. It’s important to treat memory loss at the root cause to prevent these symptoms from spiraling out of control and having an extremely negative impact on all aspects of your life.

Why Does Memory Loss Occur?

There are many reasons you might be suffering from memory loss. One common cause of memory issues is suffering a blow to the head. It’s common for people to deal with forgetfulness and other memory issues following a concussion, but in time these symptoms usually recede. However, for some people, memory loss may remain long-term after a blow to the head. At BioDesign Wellness Center, we’ll analyze your memory loss from the root cause and offer lasting solutions to your issues.

Memory loss doesn’t always occur as a result of an injury. You may also experience memory loss because of a genetic predisposition, as a side effect from long-term medication use, from excessive alcohol use or for a number of other reasons. No matter what caused your memory loss initially, the doctors at BioDesign Wellness Center will be able to lead you towards a solution.

Research has shown that even if you ceased negative habits such as smoking or excessive drinking many years ago, it can still have an impact on memory later in life. By practicing the 5 Pillars of Health with the doctors a BioDesign Wellness Center, you’ll be able to undo the damage and reduce your memory issues.

How Can I Avoid Memory Loss?

At BioDesign Wellness Center, our doctors will help you identify factors in your life that contribute to memory loss. By eliminating these factors and following the 5 Pillars of health, you’ll be able to improve your memory and reduce your chances of suffering from memory loss in the future. Many people don’t know that smoking is a common cause of memory loss. By reducing oxygen to the brain, you’re greatly increasing your chances of suffering from memory loss. Nutritional deficiency is also a common cause of memory loss. Our doctors will help you identify foods you may be eating that could be contributing to your memory loss, and you’ll be able to develop a personalized nutrition plan.

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